Tuesday, 12 June 2012

Jackass of a week. This week in fact. 12.6.2012 (That's the 12th of June, not the 6th of December)

I've casually followed the evolution vs creation debate on YouTube for some time now, although it's hardly fair to call it a debate. Normally in a debate both sides have an argument which they can back up with demonstrable evidence and interdependently consistent facts, or at the very least an internally consistent and logical case. 

This is Adnan Oktar (which sounds like a rejected name for a Marvel comics baddie). I'm not too sure who he is, or what this show is; and I don't really care to find out. This show seems primarily to exist so that he can stroke his own ego by wooing young women with his pseudo-scientific gobshite. What impresses me about this video, and what has earned this gentleman the prestigious honour of 'Jackass of the Week' is that he seems to have crammed into it just about every fallacious, inaccurate and miss representative creationist statement ever made. This is first class commitment to bullshit.

Well here's a surprise, It's a creationist video with the interview with Dawkins from 'expelled' in it. No doubt used because Dawkins is of course the king of all biologists and atheists (only half true)! For those who don't know, 'expelled' is a pseudo-documentary from droopy lookalike Ben Stein which claims that there is a scientific conspiracy to keep creationism covered up. It is amongst the lowest rated films ever made and when I watched it, provoked in me that quite wonderful mix of hysterical laughter and the uncontrollable desire to punch the TV. Now, I'm not a massive fan of Dawkins, as an atheist I find his childish and ill-informed attacks on religion to be , if not wholly disagreeable, to be somewhat embarrassing. That doesn't mean however that he can be straw-manned to shit, as the two clips of him in this video do. 

But whatever. I'm not gonna take the trouble to debunk this guy, all the claims he makes have been repeatedly debunked before, by people far more qualified and informed than myself. so I'll allow Doctor Cox to address this man's arguments on my behalf.


Incidentally, for anyone who is interested in the evolution/creationism "debate", I'd recommend YouTube Users Potholer54, AronRa and Thunderf00t (Although in the case of Thunderf00t, steer clear of his non science stuff. He is a fully fledged jackass in his own right when it comes to religion and political commentary, but his series 'why do people laugh at creationists' is well worth a watch). These 3, amongst several others have systematically handed creationism it's ass over, and over, and over.

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