Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Jackass of the week: 29th of May this year.

It’s another religious person. I don’t mean to be picking on religious people, but they do seem to come up with some of the most stupid, offensive and often down-right bizarre things.

I’m a fairly politically minded person, as such there are many views I hold, and many more that I don’t hold. There are some views and political positions out in the big wide world which, whilst I don’t share them or agree with them, I can see how people reached that conclusion. Homophobia is not one of them. I simply do not understand why anyone could have a problem with homosexuality; I simply cannot think of any good reason to be homophobic.

Fortunately for the amusement of the rest of us, homophobes themselves can't come up with a good reason either, and those who attempted to justify their bigotry sound like complete pricks. This is exactly what Pastor Charles L Worley has demonstrated with the finesse and grace of a cement cat. He’s so again’t[sic] homosexuality that he feels that the time for drastic action has come! And he has a plan!

This is just a 2 minute extract from this epic 13 minute ode to horseshit. As for his plan... Really? Are you sure that'll work? Dip-shit. I don’t expect a clergyman to be an expert in architecture or engineering, but it must have occurred to him that his suggestion of a fabulously impractical huge structure built for no good reason is the kind of thing a child would come up with. But then I guess so is having an invisible friend in the sky and freaking out over men kissing. I wanted to send him a picture of me kissing another man, but his rant has generated so many hits on his churches website that it’s crashed the server.

So for now I’ll have to make do with calling him this:

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