Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Hello you!

I'm Dave. I'm a student and I live in the city of Bath in southern England (Yes, Bath is a city, not a company Jeremy (also, if you don't get that joke, you aren't supposed to, so I wouldn't worry)) and I spend far too much of my life on YouTube. Over the last few months I have been posting videos on my Facebook account with the title of 'Jackass of the week'. Despite the name, these posts have been well less than weekly and have basically been the result of me finding people making fools of themselves on YouTube. I don't mean stupid stuff like falling off skateboards or riding bikes in to walls, anyone can do that. I mean people saying really, really stupid and insane things. Usually with a woefully ill-informed political bent to it. Like this guy for example:

I wanted to give this blog the address '' unfortunately, that was taken back in 2006 by an individual who made 2 blogs at 9 in the morning both concerned with the fact that Taylor is a jackass. So my first jackass of the week is Mary, for creating this blog and using my desired URL for school-yard politics...

Anyway, I'm waffling. But it's my blog, so fuck you!

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